Getting Started

Welcome To Your Path To Success

FIRST: A note. This site is still being developed- you are part of the pre-launch early adopter group. A lot of content will be added over the next two weeks, but there’s a lot here to get started with. Please let me know if you have any suggestions, difficulties, or confusions. Your login can be used at

Update your profile information to make sure your name is listed correctly and your preferred nickname is also listed. The nickname is your “handle” that is used for tagging you in various posts and messages in the site.

Upload a profile photo so others can see who you are. The site requires a profile pic for you to access all areas. You can also upload an image for your profile cover image if you’d like.

If you did not already start the Virtual Retreat, you can do so now. The introductory material on Catholic Mindfulness in the Virtual Retreat will form a solid foundation for everything else you can accomplish here. If you go to the Virtual Retreat tab, the first lesson in the “course” is initiating the email automation, which will deliver daily emails to you as part of the Virtual Retreat.

If you already know what you want to work on first, you can add your goal to your profile. There is also a link to a form you can fill out to change your goal on the dashboard. In your profile, you can enter your goal and the minigoals that will help you get there. There’s more on goals in the coaching classroom.

The coaching classroom is where you’ll find modules on how to set up your goals, the best way to work on them, and how to connect with your coach. This is like a “course” that you go through, to learn how to best implement new habits that will move you towards your goals. As you progress through each section, your coach will receive your work and give you any feedback you need.

The goals group is where the community happens. This is where you can meet other members working on the same goals, share your challenges and successes, and offer general support to each other.

The main feed on the dashboard is a great place to introduce yourself to the community. Let everyone know where you are from and what you are working on in your life. You’ll find this community is a very supportive group of people.

You can search for members who are working on the same goals, either in the goals group or through the member directory. Connecting with other members working on the same goals will help you overcome whatever obstacles are in your way.

Forums are a more traditional place to post questions and answer other questions. You aren’t restricted to the forums related to your own goal- you can join and contribute to any of the forums on the site.

This is where you’ll see a feed of all activity in the community. It’s pretty self-explanatory. It’s the first thing you see when you sign in to your dashboard.

Groups are just like Facebook Groups. You can post anything you’d like and comment on other members’ posts. You can look up groups and join based on your goal or your interests. You can only work on one goal at a time, but you can join as many groups as you’d like. Contributing specifically to your goals group though will help you stay focused on what you are trying to accomplish. Groups are also available for courses like the Catholic Mindfulness Legacy Course or the Virtual Retreat. 

Forums are a more traditional place to post questions and answer other questions. You aren’t restricted to the forums related to your own goal- you can join and contribute to any of the forums on the site. Forums will typically have a chain of questions and answers and continuing conversations along a certain thread- a little more involved than simply posting anything you think of or feel to a group feed. There are forums connected to each group or new threads can be created. 

The is the vertical menu on the left side of the screen if you’re on a desktop, or the second menu if you’re on mobile or tablet. Here is where your personal profile elements can be accessed, as well as your notebook. (Notes are created during the Virtual Retreat or the various courses). 

You’ll find a number of different courses here to learn more. More courses will be added over time, some free and some will be added that are offered from the CatholicPsych Academy with exclusive membership discounts. You’ll also find your Coaching Classroom here.

These are the Catholic Mindfulness Exercises. They are part of the training program found in the Legacy Course or the Virtual Retreat, plus added exercises to help you connect with the present moment. Some of the exercises are more prayerful and some are intended to simply help you connect with the present moment and get out of your head. 

This is an ongoing project in collaboration with the Franciscan Friars of the Renewal. Videos will be added as they are made available to display the psycho-spiritual genius of Fr. Benedict Groeschel, one of the founders of the Friars of the Renewal and one of the greatest contributors to Catholic Psychology and Integration that has ever lived. 

Dr. Greg will post interesting videos from various speakers here along with commentaries that connect the dots with the ideas that are being taught and the meaning they can have in our lives. Practical guidance is given here on how to put these truths into action. 

(In Development.)

The private access podcast of Dr. Greg answering member questions. During beta launch, any member can write in questions but this will eventually be a benefit available at the higher tier of membership (yet to be released).